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- Forever Youthful -

Book Facial from Aviva Spa in Los Angeles


With advanced esthetician training, we offer many treatments to promote the health of your original youthful beauty...

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Non-Surgical Face Lift:

Hifu Machine - First ever, FDA-approved, noninvasive skin-lifting procedure

No down time for recovery!

HIFU ultherapy machine uses focused soundwaves through the skin to heat deeper tissue, lifting and supporting loose skin without injury or cutting.

Ultherapy is used worldwide to counteract the affects of gravity on the skin - non surgically. It improves the elasticity, while rejuvenating the skin's complexion, making the skin delicate and bright.

Improves lines and wrinkles on the chest, neck, chin, cheeks, brow and around the eyes.

Also, lifts flabby arms and thighs etc. for body slimming and shaping.

How HIFU ultherapy works:

Like focused sunlight through a magnifying glass, HIFU works in a similar way using soundwaves through the probe. Unlike radiation, HIFU energy is clean energy and can pass through to deep tissue without causing ill effects to the tissue it passes through.

Initial results may be evident, but ultimately takes 3-6 months for the full lifting and contouring effect as your body naturally regenerates collagen. Because the procedure reacts with your own body's response to build collagen, lasting affects will vary from patient to patient. The vast majority of patients see an exceptional improvement and delayed aging.


Treatment covers neck to forehead (Full face and neck)

Tightening and lifting lines in the neck, chin, cheeks, brow and around the eyes.

Before and After Photos:

Laser Hair Removal:


(each session)

Small Area

Upper Lip (& nose) - $35

Chin - $50

Sideburns (Pair) - $55

Eyebrow (center) - $25

Eyebrows (pair) - $75

Cheeks (pair) - $39

Ears (pair) - $60

Areola/Breast (pair) - $60

Medium Area

Underarms (pair) - $99

Upper Arms (pair) - $149

Lower Arms (pair) - $149

Hands (pair) - $70

Feet (pair) - $90

Happy Trail - $35

Bikini Line - $99

Neck, Front - $50

Neck, Back - $70

Shoulders (pair) - $99

Large Area

Bikini Complete - $165

Legs, Upper - $190

Legs, Lower - $170

Chest (pecks) - $175

Abs - $125

Buttocks - $175

Mans beard - $149

Back, Upper - $195

Back, Lower - $195

Whole head - $250

*Prepay Package: Buy 6 of a singular treatment upfront and receive 10% off!!*


(10% savings)  

Whole Legs & Feet - $399

(Savings - $51 each session)

Lower Legs & Feet - $229

(Savings - $31 each session)

Upper Legs & Bikini Complete - $299

(Savings - $36 each session)

Bikini Complete & Underarms - $229

(Savings - $26 each session)

Whole Face - $199

(Savings - $55 each session)

Full Arms & Underarms - $349

(Savings - $39 each session)

Whole Back - $350

(Savings - $40 each session)

Whole Back & Shoulders - $429

(Savings - $51 each session)

 *Buy 6 packaged sessions upfront – Additional 5% off!!!*


Signature European Facial (60 min) -$79

Includes Aroma-therapy, extraction, facial massage, mask

Anti-aging Facial (45 min) $95

Includes high frequency treatment, microdermabrasion, aroma therapy, facial massage,

collagen eye treatment, extraction, mask

Microdermabrasion (60 min) $95 / (4 sessions -$350)

Includes deep peeling, aroma therapy, high frequency, mask   

Men's Facial (60 min) -$95

Includes peeling, facial message, aroma therapy, extraction, mask

Galvanic Therapy (60 min) -$95

Includes aroma therapy, extraction with galvanic treatment, peeling

Collagen Eye Treatment (w/out facial) (20 min) -$35

Eye massage with ampoule solution

Décolletage Treatment (50 min) -$85

Includes décolletage massage, aroma therapy, peeling

Neck and Décolletage Treatment (50 min) -$95

Includes décolletage and neck massage, aroma therapy, peeling

Back Acne Treatment (20 min) -$40

Includes extraction and aroma therapy

Hot Rock Massage:

Time released hot rock therapy on lower back, shoulder blades, and spine, with muscle massage

30 min - $59

45 min - $69


Facial threading - $35

Eyebrows Arch threading and Shaping - $15

EyeLash Extension Service

Initial Application $120 - $170

The first time application takes up to two hours

It’s a wonderful relaxing experience and the results are instant.


Half Set Lashes (46-65 lashes per eye) - $120

Full Set Natural Lashes (65-85 lashes per eye) - $145

Full Set Glamour Lashes (85-200 lashes per eye) - $170

(Special Eyelash Extension Maintenance $48)

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